A Defy Ventures Entrepreneur-­in-­Training celebrates winning a business pitch competition.

A Better Bay Area

Giving begins in the place we call home. We support Bay Area nonprofits in their efforts to create pathways to opportunity for low­-income and underserved communities.

Image for Youth Employment

Youth Employment

In a region where both jobs and income inequality are growing faster than anywhere in the country, employment with career pathways is key to ensuring everyone has equal access to opportunity. We support local job training programs like Year Up and JobTrain working to develop both soft skills and work-­ready skills for low-income and underserved youth.

Image for Poverty Social Entrepreneurship

Poverty Social Entrepreneurship

One in five people in the Bay Area lives in poverty, and much of the region’s poverty is concentrated within specific neighborhoods, exacerbating barriers to opportunity. We support social entrepreneurs like Dr. Nadine Burke Harris and Mauricio Lim Miller with game changing ideas to improve pathways to opportunity for residents facing multiple barriers to upward mobility.

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Housing in the Bay Area is among the most expensive in the country. Many people are forced to choose between paying rent and affording basic necessities. We invest in organizations like Hamilton Family Center and HandUp to disrupt entrenched cycles of homelessness in the Bay Area through innovative prevention, rapid rehousing, wrap-­around support, and self­-sufficiency programs.