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The Tornado Warning for Northwestern Arapahoe, central Denver and Western Adams counties will expire at 2:30 pm MDT.

The storm which prompted the warning has moved out of the area. Therefore the warning will be allowed to expire. However small hail and heavy rain are still possible with this thunderstorm.

A Tornado Watch remains in effect until 8:00 pm MDT Wednesday evening for northeast Colorado.

Remember, a Tornado Warning still remains in effect for Cental Adams and central Arapahoe counties until 2:45 pm MDT.

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What is a Tornado Warning?


This is issued when a tornado is indicated by the WSR-88D radar or sighted by spotters; therefore, people in the affected area should seek safe shelter immediately. They can be issued without a Tornado Watch being already in effect. They are usually issued for a duration of around 30 minutes. A Tornado Warning is issued by your local National Weather Service office (NWFO). It will include where the tornado was located and what towns will be in its path. If the tornado will affect the nearshore or coastal waters, it will be issued as the combined product--Tornado Warning and Special Marine Warning. If the thunderstorm which is causing the tornado is also producing torrential rains, this warning may also be combined with a Flash Flood Warning. If there is an ampersand (&) symbol at the bottom of the warning, it indicates that the warning was issued as a result of a severe weather report. After it has been issued, the affected NWFO will followed it up periodically with Severe Weather Statements. These statements will contain updated information on the tornado and they will also let the public know when warning is no longer in effect. Source: